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Ashley Mozo (She/Her), artist, illustrator, creative designer and visual creator.

Born in the Philippines (1999), currently resides in Canada.


"My work focuses on aesthetics. The endless possibilities that reality and fantasy can offer --- where two worlds collide, and become one. My work is meant to portray how I see the world in its entirety and to show my appreciation for the beauty that we tend to overlook. The way I see art is filled with life, intense emotions, and vast opportunities.

It is my voice, my creation, and my expression."

"My interests include illustration, design, and both digital and traditional media. I primarily work with pencil and paper then developing the final using Adobe Photoshop and occasionally Illustrator."

"I strive to create work that identifies with me and represents my beliefs, values, and overall interests. My style typically follows a bright, vibrant, and crystal-like colour palette. Elements I include are often imaginative, organic, and free flowing.

I would frequently incorporate as much nature motifs as I could, especially flowers and other plants. However, I am open to experimenting with new material and exploring new content."


"I hope to create a visual impact in society and to attract others to do the same with their own passions.I want to showcase my art in order to bring together a collective of people and inspire them to reflect within themselves as well as the things around them. My goal is expression, wonder, and discovery."

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